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Water Leakage Detector: ZDD-002WL

Water Leakage Detector


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  • To detector water leakage on the ground or cabinet floor

  • Housing: Fire-proof ABS, White

  • Detecting Leads: Copper

  • Voltage:  DC5~12V

  • Signal output: NPN type

  • Installation and debugging simple, reliable operation

Wired Water Leakage Detector:  It can prevent water leakage accident caused by water. The detector adopts metal probe design with advantages of high accuracy and sensitivity, low power consumption, long-term stability and reliability, etc

It can be widely used in all water storage equipment, such as basement, water tank, machine room, water route, water tower, water cellar, pools, water room, solar energy, cooling air conditioning, computer room, and anywhere to detect water leakage area.

- Rust-proof metal probe, long service life

- Water proof, Dust-proof

- Signal output: NPN type

- Easy and flexible to use.

  • Housing: Fire-proof ABS, White

  • Detecting Leads: Copper plating

  • Voltage:  DC5~12V

  • Load power: 0.5W

  • Maximum operating current: 0.15A

  • Signal output: NPN type

  • Impedance: Electrodes type trigger impedance of 3 m or less Ω 

    flooding acuity 0.5 mm height

  • Waterproof level: IP57

  • Product size: 64L*15.6W*12.7Hmm

* Wiring diagram:

Water Leakage Detector(图1)

* Product size:

Water Leakage Detector(图2)

Package Contents: 

  • Standard Exporting Packing Box