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Video Balun: ZDVB-6000HD-C
Multi-Angle View
Multi-Angle View

Passive HD Video Balun Without Wire-Stripping


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  • Effective transfer HD signal and Analog signal


  • Without Wire-Stripping

  • AHD/HDCVI: 720P/270M, 1080P/120M

  • HDTVI/CVBS: 720P/300M, 1080P/200M

  • Interference device, Surge protect UTP video balun

1CH Passive HD Passive Video Balun:   Without Wire stripping white HD video balun for CCTV Camera: Built-in surge protection, support AHD/ HDCVI / HDTVI /CVBS, Anti-interference 2000V lightning protection passive design, no additional power supply required, Transmission distance up to 600m, 5MP can transmit 300m.

                      Passive HD Video Balun Without Wire-Stripping(图1)

- Without Wire-Stripping

- HDTVI/CVBS: 720P/300M,1080P/120M-200M
- AHD/HDCVI: 720P/200M; 1080P/120M
- HDTVI: 720P/350M; 1080P/200M
- interference device, Surge protect UTP video balun
- Interference rejection / Noise filter / Surge protect (600W)

Transmission signal
For HD-AHD 720P/600M, 1080P / 450M,3MP/ 4MP/5MP: 300M
For HD- CVI 720P / 600M, 1080P/ 450M,3MP/ 4MP/5MP: 300M
For HD- TVI  720P /500M, 1080P / 380M,3MP/ 4MP/5MP: 300M
Frequency responseDC to 8MHz
Attenuation0.5dB typ 
Impedance BNC:75ohms
Humidity0 to 95%
Category Type Cat5e/6 suggested
Material ABS Plastic

Package Contents: 

  • Standard Exporting Packing Box