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Zigbee Smart Smoke Detector: ZDD-001S-ZB
Multi-Angle View
Multi-Angle View

Zigbee Smart Smoke Detector


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  • Battery operated, dust-proof, moth-proof

  • Self-detecting, no wrong report

  • Low baterry alert

  • Alarm Sound Level:85db/1m

  • ZigBee 3.0 protocol

  • Detecting Range:20㎡

  • Designed to comply with EN14604, UL217

ZigBee Smart Smoke Detector: Runs by ZigBee protocol, ZDD-001S-ZB is a high-sensitivity photoelectric smart smoke detector for fast detection of slow, smoldering Smoke&Fire when Danger, It can give strobe &sound alarm, Real-time push notfication by App control. It is designed for a wide range of residential and commercial applications where reliable smoke detection is required. like: room, hall, kitchen, party, no smoking place, Hotel, Factory...etc

- Note: Zigbee sensor can't work stand alone, this device needs to be used with ZigBee gateway!.

Zigbee Smart Smoke Detector(图1)

Zigbee Smart Smoke Detector(图2)

Zigbee Smart Smoke Detector(图3)

Zigbee Smart Smoke Detector(图4)

Zigbee Smart Smoke Detector(图5)

Zigbee Smart Smoke Detector(图6)

- ZigBee connection with App push notification (Work with Zigbee Gateway).
- 85dB sound alarm, Test button
- Low Battery alert
- Battery operated
- Designed to comply with EN14604, UL217

  • Operating Voltage:DC3V LR03 ; Quiescent current: ≤35uA; Working current: ≤100mA

  • Low voltage and under-voltage: ≤2.4V

  • Alarm sound pressure: 85dB/1m

  • Zigbee standard: IEEE802.15.4

  • Working frequency: 2.405~2.480GHz

  • Detection range: 20㎡

  • Installation method: ceiling installation

  • Working temperature: -10℃~+50℃; Working humidity: up to 95%RH

Package Contents: 

  • Standard Exporting Packing Box