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Wireless Rolling Door Sensor: ZDD-411MW

Wireless Rolling Door Sensor


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  • Be used to detect rolling door if it is illegal opened or moved

  • Easy installation, power saved, 

  • Non-false alarm

  • Especially for Shutter door/Rolling door protection.

Wireless Rolling Door Sensor: Easy installation, power saved, non-false alarm. It is specially designed for rolling door to prevent any illegal access. Easy installation on the rolling door can send out the alarm to frighten the burglar and awake the owner. It is widely used for rolling and shutter door, garage or store etc.


  1. Code preset by factory. If not, please follow the following code diagram to play it by clamp
  2. Metalized magnetic part: It should be installed in the motion door and keep it parallel with the side of the base.
  3. Metalized reed pipe: It should be installed on the floor by screws, and keep it at the same level and parallel with the metalized magnetic part, the distance between two parts no more than 2cm.
  4. Wireless emitting sensor: There is a wire connected with the metalized reed pipe, and must keep within the receiving area, the signal wire should be installed along the floor. For example, if you are on the 8th floor, but your garage is on the first floor. You can install the wireless emitting sensor in your home, and extend the wire into the garage.
  5. Open the cover of transmitter, fix battery in proper and than cover it.
  6. Test it: put two metalized parts close and than open it. If the signal LED flashes, it means normal work.
  7. After installation, open the door, the signal LED flashes about one second, it means installing completed

- Be used to detect rolling door if it is illegal opened or moved, It is one of the ideal solutions for providing concealed protection for tight spaces, especially for Shutter door. 
- Easy installation, power saved, 

- non-false alarm


  • Triggered distance :< 6 cm

  • Working voltage:12V DC, with dry battery model: 23A
    Working current:≤10mA; Static current:≤5μA; 
    Power: standby :0.01W, Alarm :0.09W

  • Working frequency:433.92 MHZ±2KHZ or 315 MHZ

  • Transmitting distance:noninterference ≥200m ; indoor about 30~50 m
    Emitting frequency:>10mw

  • Operating temperature: indoor -10 ~ 50℃, related humidity ≤ 95%

  • Size: Transmitter part: 90 mm(L)×55 mm(W)×22 mm(H); Metal magnetic part: 
    60mm(L)×15mm(L)×13mm(H) . Weight: 0.28kgs

Package Contents: 

  • Standard Exporting Packing Box