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Rolling Door Sensor: ZDD-418M

Wireless/Wired Rolling Door Sensor/Shutter Sensor


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  • Be used to detect rolling door if it is illegal opened or moved

  • Easy installation with screw mount, power saved, non-false alarm

  • Ingenious bracket with adjustable angle from 0° to 180°max

  • Concealed wire socket with attractive cover

  • 360°rotating angle for reed contact

  • Flexible magnet with self adhesive.

Wireless / Wired Rolling Door sensor/Shutter Sensor -Overhead Mount:  High sensitivity, easily mounted, non-false alarm. It is specially designed for rolling door to prevent any illegal access. Easy installation on the rolling door can send out the alarm to frighten the burglar and awake the owner.

1, Installing the switch on the ceilling or the side wall 30~50CM near to the rolling door.
2, Close the rolling door then stick the magnetic on the door which near to the swtich.
3, Adjust the angle and distance between the magnetic and the switch, 1Cm for the distance is better.
4, Asjusting and testing the sensitivity of the magnetic switches, and the switch will alarm when the rolling door open 30~50cm from the floor.

- Wireless optional model: ZDD-418MW

- Be used to detect rolling door if it is illegal opened or moved, It is one of the ideal solutions for providing concealed protection for tight spaces, especially for Shutter door. 
- Easy installation with screw mount, power saved, non-false alarm
- Ingenious bracket with adjustable angle from 0°to 180°max
- Concealed wire socket with attractive cover
- 360°rotating angle for reed contact
- Flexible magnet with self adhesive.


  • Connecting mode: N.C.                                                 

  • Operating distance(Gap): 30-50mm                           

  • Installation: Overhead installation                               

  • Packing Size: 130*90*40mm; Weight: 0.15Kg

Wireless/Wired Rolling Door Sensor/Shutter Sensor(图1)

Package Contents: 

  • Standard Exporting Packing Box