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Wireless Smart Gateway: ZDSM-002GW
Multi-Angle View
Multi-Angle View

Mini ZigBee Smart Gateway -Wireless Conntion


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  • Support multiple protocols: ZigBee 3.0+BLE+Sigmesh

  • Intellgent linkage, Max connect with around 128 devices

  • Smart Life APP remote control

  • Control all the device remotely from anywhere, anytime

  • Voice Control by Amazon Alexa/Google Home/IFTTT   

  • DC5V/1A

Zigbee Smart Wireless Gateway:  The Next Generation of Smart and Connected, Support 3 types of zigbee/ BLE sig mesh communication protocol. Everything you need to start your smart home control, automate and monitor your home from anywhere using the Smart Life app. It can be compatible all kind of appliances like lights, speakers, locks, cameras, thermostats, sensors, appliances and many more, Get immediate alerts on your smartphone if there's unexpected entry or motion in your home.

Enjoy a customized home with innovative compatible devices that simplify your day-to-day life. ZudSec Smart Device lets you automate your home so your mornings are easier and your nights are calmer.

Mini ZigBee Smart Gateway -Wireless Conntion(图1)

Mini ZigBee Smart Gateway -Wireless Conntion(图2)

Mini ZigBee Smart Gateway -Wireless Conntion(图3)

Mini ZigBee Smart Gateway -Wireless Conntion(图4)

Mini ZigBee Smart Gateway -Wireless Conntion(图5)

- Compatible with Alexa and Google home for free voice control

- Control a wide range of ZigBee/Bluetooth device.

- Support three major communication protocols: ZigBee/ Bluetooth/ Bluetooth Mesh

- Intellighent lnkage of home equipment realize voice, remote and automatic control

  • Multi-Mode Gateway(zigbee&BLE&sig mesh)

  • Max connect with around 128 devices

  • Power input: 5V1A

  • Working power supply: <1A

  • Operating temperature: -10℃-55℃

  • Working humidity: 10%-90% RH (non-condensation)

  • Wireless Technology: 2.4G WIFI &Zigbee & BLE5.0& Mesh

  • Dimension: 60.5*60.5*15mm

  • Net Weight: 92g

Package Contents: 

  • Standard Exporting Packing Box