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Door Alarm: ZDG-105MF
Door Alarm: ZDG-105M without Flash light
Panel With Flash Light
Multi-Angle View
Backside with Sticker

Magnetic Window/Door Alarm With Flash Light


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  • Independent Door-Window-Entry-Alarm

  • Super loud 90dB alarm with Flash light

  • Arm/Disarm, Door Chime function

  • Low battery indication

  • Easy operation, small size and portable

Magnetic Window/Door Alarm & Door Chime: Independent Door-Window-Entry-Alarm, Be used to detect door, window if it is opened or moved. Easy operation, small size and portable.

When someone opens the door or window illegally (the relative position of the primary and secondary parts changes), the alarm can issue a strong alarm, warning the intruder to leave and remind the owner. Super environmental suitability and stability. 

Ideal entry warning for homes, apartments, mobile homes, offices,hotel rooms,garages,and more!

- Optinal model: ZDG-105M without Flash light

- Product Layout:

* ZDG-105M:

Magnetic Window/Door Alarm With Flash Light(图1)

- 100% New and high quality
- 4 kinds of working mode Selectable:
1>. Anti-thiefl Alarm: Alarm when door open, the Alarm stop when door sensor and magnetic strip closed.
2>. Door Chime: Doorbell prompt when the door open
3>. Contant Alarm: Alarm when the door open
4>. Door-Close alert: Separate door sensor and magnetic strip, the door sensor alarm with "didi" prompt, the volume level from the - - small to large circular until close the door.
- Easily mounted by adhesive. Type to window or door.
- Magnetic sensor switch detects your door or window.
- Super loud 90dB alarm. 
- Super environmental suitability and stability.
- Ideal entry warning for Door and Windows, drawers, filing cabinets, safes, home, store, and more!

  • Operating voltage: 4.5V, 1.5V* 3pcs LR44  Cell Batteries (Included) Operated
    Standby Current: <10mA; Working Current: <70mA
  • Operating temp.: -10 to +60° 

  • Sound Volume:     90db

  • Installation mode: wall mounted; 

  • Product size: 86*44*18mm, Packing box: 9*5*2.1cm ; Weight: 0.12Kg/pc

Package Contents: 

  • Standard Exporting Packing Box