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With Remote Control: ZDRC-101-1
Inner Structure
Remote Control: ZDRC-101-1 (Brown)
Remote Control: ZDRC-101-1 (White)

1-Channel WiFi /Wireless Remote Control Switch


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  • 1-channel output

  • DC12/24V or AC220/110V

  • Normally Open (N.O.) or Normally Closed (N.C.)

  • Working modes: Inching, Self-Lock and Interlock

  • Can learn up to 19 different remotes each receiver

  • Idea wireless solutions for automatic control application

Wireless Remote Control Switch / Relay Receiver /Gate Opener:  1-channel output, DC12/24V or AC220/110V optional,  It's an idea wireless solutions for automatic control application like: Wireless reomte control, electric door/gate, light control, Control curtain, window and lifter equipment, industrial control, security system and home appliances, various wireless appliance switch to  switch on/off of equipment controlling or implement the motor F/R (forward or reverse) rotation etc. Can work with any of ZUDSEC remote controller

-Optional model: ZDRR-101W, 1CH RF+WiFi Smart Relay Switch with APP control

- High security, larger storage, stable performance, low power consumption and easy operation.
Learning code between remote control and wireless relay receiver
- Can learn up to 19 different remote controls each wireless relay receiver.
- With ZUDSEC Remote offers flexible installation options.
- The relays can be Normally Open (N.O.) or Normally Closed (N.C.). 
- Three working modes: Inching, Self-Lock and Interlock.
- Make it wireless, turn your security, access control, home automation, or gate operation into an efficient wireless operaiton.
- Suitable: electric door, window and gate, industrial control, home appliances and security system and so so.

  • Working modes: Inching, Self-Lock and Interlock.

  • Operating voltage :DC12V or 24V , AC220V or 110V(customized)

  • Quiescent current :≤5mA; Loading current :≤3A

  • Wireless Frequency: 315MHz,433MHz

  • Transmit distance:50-100M

  • Coding type: learning code

  • Operating temperature :-20℃ ~ +50℃

  • Receiving sensitivity :≥-105dBm

  • Output voltage  :AC or DC

  • Relay Receiver :
    Product size: 75mm×55mm×30mm;  Weight: 75g/pc;  
    Remote controller: 
    Product size: 59mm×30mm×15mm;  Weight: 40g/pc; 

Package Contents: 

  • Standard Exporting Packing Box