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Extended functions about the access control software: ZD8000 Series

Which password code can let us in to the extended functions of the access control's software (ZD8000 Series products).
Tools-->extended functions , the software ask for a password. 

The Password of Extended Funcitons: 5678


Register Code for permanently use: ZD8000 Series

The system will request a Register code after 2 month later of software installation, please input the content according to following guide, then you can use it permanently.How to input Company Name, Buidling Company, Register Code:

* You can input the company name, building company wtih any name you want, but it can not be space.

* Register Code: 2004

Register Code for permanently use: ZD8000(图1)Register Code for permanently use: ZD8000(图2)

What are the classifications of anti-theft alarm systems?

The equipment of the anti-theft alarm system is  generally divided into: front-end detector, alarm controller.  The alarm controller is a host (like the host of a computer), which is used to control the processing of wired/wireless signals, the detection of system failures, the power supply, signal input, signal output, built-in dialer, etc. The alarm controller is indispensable in an anti-theft alarm system. Front-end detectors include: door magnetic switch, glass break detector, infrared detector and infrared/microwave dual discriminator, emergency button.

The anti-theft alarm system refers to a device that causes an alarm when an illegal intrusion into the prevention zone occurs. It is used to signal the occurrence of a dangerous situation. The anti-theft alarm system uses detectors to arm important locations and areas inside and outside the building. It can detect illegal intrusion in time, and promptly warn relevant personnel when it detects an illegal intrusion. For example, door magnetic switches, glass break alarms, etc. can effectively detect intrusion from outside, and infrared detectors can sense the activities of people in the building. Once an intrusion occurs, the time and location of the intrusion can be recorded in time, and an alarm signal can be sent out through the alarm device.

Magnetic switch: 

The door sensor switch is composed of a dry reed switch and a magnetic strip, which can be divided into wired/wireless door sensors. Generally used in doors and windows. As long as the distance between the magnetic strip and the reed tube is less than 20mm, there will be an alarm signal output.

Glass break detector:

The glass break detector uses the piezoelectric effect of the piezoelectric ceramic sheet (the piezoelectric ceramic sheet will generate electric charge on its surface when it is twisted and deformed under the action of external force), and can be made into a glass break intrusion detector. Effective detection of high-frequency glass breaking sounds (10k~15kHZ), and strong suppression of sound signals below 10kHZ (such as speaking and walking). The frequency and intensity of glass breaking acoustic emission are related to the thickness and area of the glass. According to the different working principles, glass break detectors can be roughly divided into two categories: one is a voice-activated single-technology glass break detector, which is actually a frequency-selective function (bandwidth 10 to 15KHz) with a special purpose ( A sound-activated alarm detector that can drive out the high-frequency signals generated when the glass is broken. The other type is dual-technology glass break detectors, which include voice-activated-vibration type and infrasound-glass-breaking high-frequency sound type. It is generally applicable to ATM machines of banks, and other glass is anti-damage.

Infrared Detectors:

Infrared detector is a kind of radiant energy converter, which is mainly used to convert the received infrared radiant energy into electric energy, heat energy and other forms of energy that are convenient for measurement or observation. According to the energy conversion method, infrared detectors can be divided into heat detection There are two types of photon detectors and photon detectors. The working mechanism of thermal detectors is based on the thermal effect of incident radiation causing a change in a certain electrical characteristic of the detector, while photon detectors are based on the photoelectric effect generated by the interaction between the incident photon stream and the detection material. Specifically, the detector responds to the change in the number of free carriers (i.e., electrons and/or holes). Since this change is caused by the change in the number of incident photons, the response of the photon detector is proportional to the number of absorbed photons. The response of the heat detector is proportional to the energy absorbed.

-Infrared & Microwave Detector with Intelligent anti-pet functions.

They have a wide range of applications, such as infrared alarms installed indoors, which will output signals as long as there are people or moving objects.

Smoke & Heat detector

The energy conversion process of thermal detectors includes: thermal resistance effect, thermal volt effect, thermopneumatic effect and pyroelectric effect. The energy conversion process of photon detector includes: photovoltaic effect, photoconductive effect, photoelectromagnetic effect and light emission effect.

Emergency button:

Emergency button: It is a relatively simple device among anti-theft devices. It is a switch. There is a normally open/closed output, and when the switch value changes, it will output an alarm signal to the host.

Indoor / Outdoor Strobe Siren:

- Alarm indicator:

Alarm indicator light: It is an output device. When the alarm host processes the output to be processed by the alarm signal, the connected alarm indicator light will work.

- Audible alarm:

When the alarm host receives the alarm signal, it will output it through the sound and light alarm. At this time, the sound and light alarm will flash and buzz at the same time.

What are the advantages of smart TCP/IP access control systems

1. Access control

It is to set who can enter and who can not enter for each door;

In this program, we set up the authorized personnel of each department to enter and exit the access control points of their respective door areas

2. Ways to go out

It is to authorize the person who can enter and exit the gate area (depending on the card reader selected). There are usually three ways to enter and exit: password, card reader (or biometric), card reader (biometric) + password;

3. Real-time monitoring function

System administrators can view the entry and exit status of each door area in real time through the host time viewer (the computer screen can immediately display the currently open door number, the card number and name of the passing personnel, whether the card reading and passage are successful, etc.).

4. Access record query function

1. Support a variety of door opening methods: password, card swiping, remote opening;

2. When illegal intrusion, door locks are broken, etc., the system will send out real-time alarm information and transmit it to the management center computer;

3. Can flexibly set the cardholder's door opening authority, door opening time, and the time zone within which the cardholder is authorized to open the door;

4. It can support various electric locks;

5. The central management system can remotely control the electric lock switch;

6. It can support multiple conditions and flexible combination to query the pass records, sort report data in different orders, support report data printing and export to file functions

What are the common smart home products?

The smart home control system allows the smart devices in the home to be interconnected, bringing intelligent changes to people's lives. You can often see people operating smart devices with one-click via mobile phones or tablets and enjoying the convenient life brought by smart homes.

1. Foyer and aisle

1. Human body infrared sensor

By sensing the temperature of the human body, judging the movement of people or pets in the home, and installing it at the door, no one is at home can grasp the safety of the home. With other smart home products, you can experience more smart new gameplay.

2. Smart door lock

It is suitable for various places such as villas, apartments, communities, buildings, etc., with multiple unlocking methods, such as fingerprints, passwords, APP, WeChat, magnetic cards, etc. Different scene modes can be bound according to different fingerprints or different unlocking methods.

3. Smart camera

24-hour intelligent monitoring outside the door, automatic intelligent detection of photos and videos, can effectively deter the behavior of stepping on the door, day and night can clearly record visitor information, and infrared function, can also see the dark corridor at night, support multiple users with the same account Log in, you can make a video call, and the visitor's photo is automatically sent to the owner's mobile phone.

4. Smart switch

The smart switch subverts the traditional switch control method, can manage indoor lighting with one key, and can realize remote control and scene linkage.

5. Scene control panel

With multiple buttons, it can realize mutual binding, scene linkage between devices, one-key control, such as one-key turn on home mode, away from home mode, etc.

Second, the living room

1. Intelligent voice central control host

The intelligent housekeeping robot based on artificial intelligence can connect to the cloud server, use big data to accurately process voice information, control home appliances individually, in combination or according to the scene, set personalized scenes, humanized voice interaction, and realize various functions. It is smart home "brain".

2. Background music

Create an atmosphere compatible with the indoor environment to increase the fun of family members during entertainment, dining, and rest, and enjoy family life in the cozy music. In addition, it can help family members relax their brains, soothe the body and mind, and relieve work pressure and fatigue. In addition, you can also cooperate with the smart host to wake yourself up regularly according to your needs, and welcome the new day with the sound of relaxing music.

3. Smart curtains

Mobile APP control, local control, pull start function, power outage pull function, durability and other functions, the scope of application is wide.

4. Smart camera

Motion detection, mobile APP control, two-way voice intercom, simultaneous viewing of multiple devices. It supports wireless wifi connection, it can be used when power is on, and it is easy to install without wiring. It can support local storage and cloud storage, loop recording, automatic overwriting when full recording, and playback in the client software.

5. Infrared converter

It replaces various remote controllers and has the function of learning and memorizing multiple infrared devices. It has strong applicability and can realize local, remote and scene control of various infrared remote control devices.

6. Smart sweeper

Enjoy the freedom of liberating your hands, allowing you to create more exciting time, 360-degree cleaning, scheduled cleaning, remote control.

7. Smart switch

It can seamlessly replace traditional switches, eliminating the trouble of tedious wiring! It is easy to install, does not change the original circuit layout, and is not affected by the types of lamps. It can control common loads and lamps such as energy-saving lamps, ceiling lamps, incandescent lamps, spotlights, and LED lamps. It can be controlled manually or remotely by APP.

8. Scene control panel

It has multiple buttons to realize the mutual binding and scene linkage between smart devices, one-key mastering, such as one-key turn on home mode, away from home mode, etc.

9. Smart socket

Support mobile phone remote control and mobile phone control, compatible with various electrical equipment, timing start and linkage smart home scenes, simple and convenient configuration, widely used in homes and offices and other electrical appliances that require remote control.

10. Environmental monitoring

Indoor carbon dioxide sensors, PM2.5 monitoring, harmful gas monitoring, temperature and humidity monitoring and other sensors can monitor environmental quality in real time, mobilize home air conditioners, air purifiers and other equipment, and adjust home environmental quality.

What are the fire alarm systems?

1. Regional alarm system

It is composed of fire detector, manual alarm button, regional fire alarm controller or fire alarm controller, fire alarm device and power supply.

2. Centralized alarm system

It is composed of fire detector, manual alarm button, area fire alarm controller or area display (two or more), centralized fire alarm controller, fire alarm device and power supply.

3. Control center alarm system

Fire detector, manual alarm button, area fire alarm controller or area display (two or more), centralized fire alarm controller (at least one), fire linkage control equipment (at least one), fire alarm device, fire phone , Fire emergency broadcast, fire emergency lighting and power supply composition.

4. Choice of system form

The regional alarm system should be used for secondary protection objects; the centralized alarm system should be used for primary and secondary protection objects; the control center alarm system should be used for super and primary protection objects.