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Warranty Policy

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Warranty Range and Duration

This warranty is provided only for products purchased from ZudSec, ZudSec warrants products against defects in material and workmanship for 1 year calculated from ex-factory date.The one-year warranty applies to this product unless otherwise specified on the original sales receipt at the time of purchase. ZudSec warranty is valid only to the original purchaser and is not transferable, and it is only applicable to ZudSec products purchased from authorised resellers or retailers. Within the specified warranty period, ZudSec will repair or replacenon consumable parts(excluding casing, accessories, batteries, ,bracket, cable and power adapter) that are damaged under normal use without additional charge. The defective product or defective spare part must be presented together with dealer’s invoice when the defective product or defective spare part is returned for repair. Otherwise, ZudSec reserves the right of not providing free warranty during the warranty period.

Warranty Does Not Include

Warranty does not apply when the product has been incorrectly or improperly used, been subject to external influences such as power surges, acts of God such as flood or hurricane that damage the item(s), or opening or tempering of the product housing by persons other than authorized ZudSec personnel. Repairing of the unit must be done by qualified ZudSec personnel, the warranty expires immediately if the unit has been opened by non-ZudSec personnel.ZudSec assumes no liability for loss or damage to the equipment which may be caused during transportation. This warranty does not cover payment of transportation charges incurred for any send over of equipment to us. The customer is responsible for returning the defective product at his own expense. This warranty does not cover payment of transportation charges incurred for any send over of equipment to us.

How to Get Warranty

If you discover what you believe is a defect in the ZudSec product that you own within its warranty period, please contact your point of purchase, which shall be an authorized ZudSec retailer/reseller. Proof of purchase is required. Technical support is available through FAQ or email at Techsupport@zuden.com.